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Jake Paul Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | Sponsorships | How Much He Earn from PPV Money?

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Jake Paul Career Earnings

Jake Paul is a social media influencer, rise to fame as YouTube celebrity. In year 2018, he make his debut in boxing, defeat opponent Deji Olatunji, but rise to fame as pro boxer after dominating opponent from MMA (Ben Askren). Jake Paul career earnings, purse payouts, ppv share and total income details were reported.

OpponentsGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal PayoutsYear
Deji Olatunji$250kN/A$250k2018
Nate Robinson$750,000N/A$750,0002020
Ben Askren$750,00060%$1.5 million2021
Tyron Woodley$1 million60%$2.75 million2021
Tyron Woodley$1.5 million70%$3 million2021
Anderson Silva$1m70%$5 million2022
Tommy Fury$5m50%$10 million (estimated)2023
Nate Diaz$2.5m65%$10m (based on 600k sales ppv)2023
How much impact of Jake Paul on PPV sales?

The official report regarding to his pay-per-view revenues is reported. The fights he part of generated maximum revenue close to $100m. The fight with Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley generated 1m pay-per-view sales, each of the bouts (brings 500k) sales.

PPV FightsPPV BuysPay-per-view RevenueFight Years
Paul vs Askren500k$25m2021
Woodley vs Paul500k$30m2021
Paul vs. Woodley II200k$12.5m2021
Silva vs Paul300k$18m2022
Fury vs Paul1.2 million (estimated)$150m (estimated)2023
Paul vs Diaz800k sales$50m 2023
How Much Impact Tommy Fury Fight with Jake Paul Impact PPV?

The fight already create big hype the winner of the fight in future might seen in action against (Mayweather Jr) who revealed that he wants to fight these guys winner or loser who ever. This fight reported three times since 2021, the official dates confirmed in 2023. Since it’s in Saudi Arabia and coverage rights hold by BT Sports and ESPN+ the pay-per-view bonuses for them will be high based on ppv sales.

Nate Diaz will be the next opponent of Jake Paul, the both will be seen in action in the month of August 2023. As per reports boxers will earn guaranteed $3m from the pay-per-view further earnings will be based on pay-per-view sales and tickets sales revenue on fight.

PPV Sales on Fight Day : 1.2 million | 500k In UK and 500k in (US)

Further details regarding to Jake Paul career earnings which will include his mma fights purse, he recently signed with Premier Fighters League and also promoting boxers.