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Gervonta Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from PPV Share If it Crossed Sales more than 500k?

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Gervonta Davis Garcia Purse

The first major pay-per-view of the boxing will take place with Gervonta Davis and Hector Luis Garcia. Boxing sources, reported that Davis will fight three times in year 2023, more probably he will be fighting one of the long time awaiting opponent (Ryan Garcia) if terms and conditions settle before the fight. The 28 year old recently parted away from the contract with Mayweather Promotion. Gervonta Davis Hector Luis Garcia purse payouts based on their contract reported.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payout | PPV Figures estimated (not confirmed yet)
Gervonta Davis$1.5m60%$5.5m | estimated based on ppv sales if cross 500k limit
Hector Luis Garcia$350k40%$1.5m | ppv sales higher on fight day

How Much Gervonta Davis Earn from PPV Share?

Currently it’s not possible to have the details of Gervonta Davis pay-per-view share money, however, the figures will favor “Davis” he will get big chunk of 60%. If the pay-per-views sales were more than estimated, Davis will earn total purse including ppv’s upto $5m but still these are estimated numbers depends on how ppv sales completed on fight day.

  • 600k sales in UK & US : will bring $4m estimated extra payment alongside guaranteed purse $1.5m.

What Will be Share of Hector Luis Garcia in Davis fight PPV?

Hector Luis Garcia will not earn less than $500k guaranteed from the fight. But his figures for pay-per-view were less compare to “Davis”. He will earn maximum $1.5m if the pay-per-view fight sales increased more than 500k on fight day.

  • A reported back in Febraury 2022, revealed that Hector Luis Garcia earn guaranteed purse $350k from the fight against Chris Colbert.

More details regarding Gervonta Davis Hector Luis Garcia purse reported after their fight once the PPV buys for the fight confirmed. PPV numbers are estimated yet based on the limits of PPV buys if they exceed 550k on fight day, than these boxers can earn upto to total payout limit.