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Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela vs Steve Spark Purse Payouts | 6th May 2023

There is another major fight on the Canelo vs Ryder pay-per-view card which will take place between Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela and Steve Spark. The winner of the fight will later get chance to fight for the Super lightweight title. Steve Spark Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela purse payouts for the fight based on their contract with promotion reported.

Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela$50k
Steve Spark$150k

Steve Spark return to the boxing ring after December 2022. He lost one of the major pay-per-view fights from Tim Tszyu back in year 2021. Later he made success comeback to the boxing and win back to back four fights dominate top boxers of his division Apinun Khongsong and Montana Love. Spark currently earning between $100k to $150k per fight, as per reports his career best pay day is for the fight against Tszyu.

Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela, the 28 year old pro boxer from Mexico hopeful to give a good fight to Australian opponent (Steve Spark) who hold winning streak of 4 fights. Things did not go well with Gollaz Valezuela he lost major fight from (Montana Love) in 2022. In year 2023, Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela made comeback defeat Yves Ulysse Jr, to see if he retains his winning streak for next fights we have to wait until 6th May 2023. He will earn guaranteed purse $50k to $35k for the fight against Spark.

Further details regarding Steve Spark Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela purse updated after their fight. The fight is listed on the main-card of (Canelo vs Ryder) pay-per-view.