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Fabio Wardley vs Michael Polite Coffie Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from Sponsorship & Win Bonus?

Next week, the boxing pay-per-view will be held between Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin, the co-main event of their fight card is changed from Matteo Signani and Felix Cash fight. As per reports the new boxers who replaced for the co-main event is Fabio Wardley and Michael Polite Coffie, There will be WBA Continental Heavyweight title on-the line. Fabio Wardley Michael Polite Coffie purse payouts revealed.

Fabio Wardley$300k
Michael Polite Coffie$225k
How Much Fabio Wardley Earn for the Coffie Fight?

Promoters not revealed how much pay-per-view money paid to the boxers however the estimated purses were revealed by UK media outlets. Based on reports Fabio Wardley will earn guaranteed purse of $300k for the fight.

Michael Polite Coffie Purse :

The 36 year old boxer back in action his fight is schedule with Wardley and listed as co-main event he will earn guaranteed purse of $225k. No reports yet about pay-per-view money for Michael Polite Coffie.

Further details regarding to Fabio Wardley Michael Polite Coffie purse updated after their fight if any of them received win bonus, sponsorship money or pay-per-view share points. The fight listed as co-main event of (Joshua vs Franklin)