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Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez Purse Payouts (Revealed) | 12 August 2023

Emanuel Navarrete Valdez Purse

The fight between Emanuel Navarrete and Oscar Valdez is official and it will take place 12 August 2023 at Desert Diamond Arena, in Glendale, Arizona, United States. Emanuel Navarrete Oscar Valdez purse payouts for the pay-per-view fight card revealed.

BoxersPursesPPV ShareTotal Payouts
Emanuel Navarrete$500k60%$2.1m | if pay-per-view sales crossed figure of 500k+
Oscar Valdez$400k40%$1.2m | if pay-per-view sales crossed figure of 500k+
How Much Both Fighters Earn from PPV Money?

Emanuel Navarrete will earn guaranteed purse of $500k, he currently hold contract with boxing promotion worth of $500k per fight. Officially no details reported how much pay-per-view money both of the boxers earn, but based on his previous fight payouts, Navarrete will earn ppv money share of 65% and his earnings exceed to $2.1m which include ppv rev share.

Oscar Valdez guaranteed purse for the fight hike to $400k and his overall earnings exceed to $1.2m based on ppv money. There will be more details regarding Emanuel Navarrete Oscar Valdez purse once the pay-per-view fight between these two completed on weekend.