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Emanuel Navarrete Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | How Much He Earn Per Fight?

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Emanuel Navarrete Career Earnings

Emanuel Navarrete is a professional boxer from Mexico. He is currently active and recently start fighting under the Top Rank promotion. The 28 year old boxer win 36 fight out 37 bouts. He is well known for the name “Cowboy” and “Vaquero”. In 2012 he made pro boxing debut from his home country Mexico and with win over opponent (Misael Ramirez). Emanuel Navarrete career earnings, purse payouts and promotional ppv bonuses details reported.

OpponentsGuaranteed PursePPV ShareFight Year
Misael Ramirez$1.5kN/A2012
Jonathan Rojas$1.5kN/A2012
Ivan Donovan$1.5kN/A2012
Ivan Ochoa Sanchez$1.5kN/A2012
Ismael Garnica$1.5kN/A2012
Daniel Argueta$1.5kN/A2012
Ramon Pena$1.5kN/A2012
Antonio Gutierrez$4kN/A2013
Emmanuel Dominguez$4kN/A2014
Alberto Luna Galicia$4kN/A2014
Marco Antonio Gonzalez$4kN/A2015
Enrique Bernache$4kN/A2015
Jonathan Lecona Ramos$4kN/A2015
Ricardo Roman$4kN/A2015
Oswaldo Castro$7.5kN/A2016
Roberto Pucheta$7.5kN/A2016
Eleazar Valenzuela$7.5kN/A2016
Martin Casillas$7.5kN/A2016
Dennis Contreras$7.5kN/A2017
Salvador Hernandez Sanchez$7.5kN/A2017
Luis Bedolla Orozco$10kN/A2017
Jhon Gemino$10kN/A2017
Danny Flores$10kN/A2017
Glenn Porras$10kN/A2018
Breilor Teran$10kN/A2018
Jose Sanmartin$20kN/A2018
Isaac Dogboe$75kN/A2018
Isaac Dogboe$150kN/A2019
Francisco De Vaca$425kN/A2019
Juan Miguel Elorde$275kN/A2019
Francisco Horta$275kN/A2019
Jeo Santisima$425kN/A2020
Uriel López$300kN/A2020
Ruben Villa$375kN/A2020
Christopher Díaz$325kN/A2021
Joet Gonzalez$400k50%2021
Eduardo Baez$500k60%2022
Liam Wilson$500k70%2023
Oscar Valdez$500k65%2023
How Much Emanuel Navarrete Earn Per Fight?

The official details of his contract not revealed yet which include his pay-per-view rev share. Ring TV back in 2019 reported, that he made $425k from the fight against Francisco De Vaca. Based on Top Rank boxers per fight payouts, Navarrete will earn guaranteed $500k from the upcoming fight against Liam Wilson.

What is the Emanuel Navarrete Net Worth?

Based on his boxing career payouts, Navarrete net worth hike to $2.5m this does not include any promotional bonuses.

Further details regarding to Emanuel Navarrete career earnings, purse payouts and pay-per-view money provided here once his fight card event completed.