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Deji Olatunji vs Swarmz Purse Payouts | X Series 007 | 13 May 2023

Boxing Fight Purses

This upcoming weekend at MF & DAZN X Series 007 fight card there is co-main event fight which will take place between Deji Olatunji and Swarmz. The fight will be available on DAZN streaming service worldwide and in United States the preliminary fights can be watched on YouTube. The fight card rights hold by Misfits Boxing. Deji Olatunji Swarmz purse payouts based on the promotional contracts reported.

BoxersPursesPPV ShareTotal Payouts
Deji Olatunji$350kN/A$350k
Swarmz $200kN/A$200k

The official figures for the both boxers not reported however estimated $350k distributed among Deji Olatunji. There no official confirmed how much Deji Olatunji earn for Mayweather Jr fight, but some sources reported he made $750k guaranteed further based on pay-per-view money.

Back in August a source reported that Swarmz earn $350k guaranteed for the main-event fight with KSI, since he is now fighting in the co-main event he will be making estimated $200k from X Series 007. Once the fight is completed more details regarding to these two boxers Deji Olatunji Swarmz purse will be updated here.