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Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith Purse Payouts | What will be PPV Share for the Two Boxers?

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Chris Eubank Jr Smith Purse

This upcoming weekend the biggest pay-per-view fight will be held between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith. The fight held at AO Arena, Manchester, England. AO Arena had seating capacity of 21k people at one time which means promoters are looking jam packed crowed for this fight. Chris Eubank Jr Liam Smith purse payouts for the upcoming fight reported.

BoxersPursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Chris Eubank Jr$1m60%$3.5m | based on ppv sales
Liam Smith$500k40%$1.2m | based on ppv sales
What will be Chris Eubank Jr Purse for Smith Fight?

Eubank Jr previously earn guaranteed purse $500k for the Liam Williams fight. Later, sources claimed that his earnings increased to $2m based on pay-per-view sales. In January 2023, Eubank Jr once again returned to the ring and he will be earning guaranteed purse $1m for the fight.

  • Promoters never revealed how much they pay to the boxers in pay-per-view figures. Eubank Jr hold contract based on pay-per-view sales, an estimated figure of ($2.5m) based on fight pay-per-view sales revealed. Which means if his fight cross the ppv sales figure of 700k in UK, Eubank Jr will leave AO Arena pocketing $3.5m or maximum $3m from the pay-per-view fight Liam Smith.
  • Estimated PPV money for Eubank Jr ($2.5m) beside guaranteed purse.
How Much Liam Smith Will Earn for the PPV fight?

Liam Smith, earn guaranteed purse $400k for Hassan Mwakinyo fight and $500k purse for Jessie Vargas. Smith once again will earn guaranteed purse $500k for the fight against Eubank Jr. If he hold contract including ppv money, his earnings will crossed the figure of $500k to $1.2m based on ppv sales.

  • Estimated pay-per-view figure numbers for $750k maximum for the Liam Smith, if he received any further bonus such as win bonus or tv money details will be provided here later.

Complete details regarding to Chris Eubank Jr Liam Smith purse will be updated after their fight which include sponsorship money, win bonus and ppv money received by them.