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Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from PPV Bonuses?

Canelo Alvarez Ryder Purse

The biggest boxing pay-per-view of May 2023 revealed which will take place between Canelo Alvarez and John Ryder. The English boxer who is challenger for the title of Canelo, believes that he is in the best condition to fight Canelo Alvarez and hopeful to have five belts on his arms and shoulders on 6th May 2023. Official rights the fight hold by Canelo Promotions and co-promoters (Matchroom Boxing). Canelo Alvarez John Ryder purse payouts for the fight reported.

BoxersPursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Canelo Alvarez$15m70%$40m | based on ppv sales (contract)
John Ryder$2m30%$3.8m | based on ppv points figures
How Much Canelo Alvarez Earn for Ryder PPV bout?

The official figures for the reported based on the contract deal of Alvarez with MatchRoom boxing promotion. Canelo Alvarez currently highest paid boxers with guaranteed $15m to $20m per fight purse. He signed deal with MatchRoom promotion which makes him top earning boxer in the world and later he got listed among highest paid athletes worldwide. He will earn guaranteed $15m for the fight and further his earnings increased to $40m if pay-per-views sales met expected limits.

  • Fight Record Saul Alvarez : 62 Fights, 58 Wins, 2 Lost, 2 Draws
  • Previous Fight with Gennady Golovkin Purse : Canelo Earn $45m | including ppv points share
How Much John Ryder Earns for the ppv bout?

It’s confirmed that Ryder is the next opponent of the Canelo Alvarez. He will earn guaranteed purse $2m for the fight and his pay-per-view share for the fight will be upto (30%). Based on pay-per-view estimated sales on fight day if it crossed 600k sales, Ryder will earn upto $3m maximum and if the sales hike to 800k+ on fight he will earn $3.8m. Ryder earn this opportunity after defeating top opponents like (Daniel Jacobs and Zach Parker).

  • Fight Record of John Ryder : 37 Fights, 32 Wins, 5 Lost
  • Previous Fight Purse For Zach Parker Fight : Ryder Earn Guaranteed $400k, $2m based ppv sales (reported)

Further details regarding to Canelo Alvarez John Ryder purse will be updated if any changes made to the ppv. Canelo hold the highest purse for this pay-per-view fight. Julio Cesar Martinez will be fighting in the co-main event against Ronal Batista.