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Canelo Alvarez Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Money He Will Earn Per Fight?

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth | $450m (based on his boxing career earnings)

Canelo Alvarez is a professional boxer from Mexico. He is currently active and hold one of the most expensive contract deal with MatchRoom boxing promotion. Beside working with promotion he also run his own promotion company (Canelo promotion). Canelo Alvarez career earnings, purse payouts and ppv sales revenue details reported.

OpponentsPursePPV ShareTotal PayoutsFight Year
Abraham Gonzalez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2005
Pablo Alvarado$2.5kN/A$2.5k2005
Miguel Vázquez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Pedro Lopez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Jorge Juarez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Juan Hernandez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Cristian Hernandez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Francisco Villanueva$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Daniel Martinez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2006
Javier Martinez$2.5kN/A$2.5k2007
Ivan Illescas$4kN/A$4k2007
Víctor Marquez$4kN/A$4k2007
Jesus Hernandez$4kN/A$4k2007
Christian Solano$4kN/A$4k2007
Ricardo Cano$4kN/A$4k2007
Sean Holley$4kN/A$4k2007
Axel Rodrigo Solis$4kN/A$4k2008
Francisco Villanueva$4kN/A$4k2008
Gabriel Martinez$10kN/A$10k2008
Francisco Villanueva$10kN/A$10k2008
Miguel Vázquez$25kN/A$25k2008
Larry Mosley$25kN/A$25k2008
Raúl Pinzón$25kN/A$25k2008
Antonio Fitch$75kN/A$75k2009
Euri González$75kN/A$75k2009
Michel Rosales$75kN/A$75k2009
Jefferson Gonçalo$150kN/A$150k2009
Marat Khuzeev$150kN/A$150k2009
Carlos Herrera$175kN/A$175k2009
Lanardo Tyner$200kN/A$200k2009
Brian Camechis$225kN/A$225k2010
José Cotto$225kN/A$225k2010
Luciano Leonel Cuello$350k50%$1m2010
Carlos Baldomir$400k50%$1.25m2010
Lovemore N’dou$400k50%$1.1m2010
Matthew Hatton$400k50%$1.25m2011
Ryan Rhodes$450k60%$2m 2011
Alfonso Gómez$450k60%$2m (estimated)2011
Kermit Cintrón$500k60%$3.5m (estimated)2011
Shane Mosley$750k60%$4m (estimated)2012
Josesito López$2m60%$6m (reported)2012
Austin Trout$1m55%4m (reported)2013
Floyd Mayweather Jr$5m45%$15m (reported)2013
Alfredo Angulo$1.25m60%$5m (estimated)2014
Erislandy Lara$2m60%$7.5m (estimated)2014
James Kirkland$1m65%$4.5m (estimated)2015
Miguel Cotto$5m50%$10.5m (estimated)2015
Amir Khan$7m50%$18m (reported)2016
Liam Smith$10m60%$22m (reported)2016
Julio César Chávez Jr$5m65%$20m (reported)2017
Gennady Golovkin$5m50%$15m (reported)2017
Gennady Golovkin$10m 55%$25m (reported)2018
Rocky Fielding$5m60%$15m (estimated)2018
Daniel Jacobs$2.5m70%$7.5m (estimated)2019
Sergey Kovalev$15m60%$30m (reported)2019
Callum Smith$10m 55%$25m (reported)2020
Avni Yıldırım$15m70%$35m (estimated)2021
Billy Joe Saunders$10m 65%$33m (reported)2021
Caleb Plant$10m70%$35m (reported)2021
Dmitry Bivol$15m65%$38m (reported)2022
Gennady Golovkin$15m55%$45m (reported)2022
John Ryder$15m70%$38m (estimated)2023
How Much Canelo Alvarez Currently Earn Per Fight?

Since he had contract deal with MatchRoom promotion and also running his own promotion company he earned guaranteed purse per fight $5m – $10m and his overall potential earnings based on pay-per-view sales increased maximum to $45m. He will be making more than $50m in the upcoming few fights if the pay-per-view sales increased.

PPV BoutPPV BuysPPV RevenueNetwork
Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez2.2m$150mShowtime
Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez900k$58mHBO
Julio César vs Canelo Alvarez1m$1mHBO
Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez1.3m$110mHBO
Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez (2)1.1m$120mHBO
Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez (3)550k$79.5mDAZN
Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant800k$64mShowtime
Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder700k$92.5mDAZN
  • The Fight between Mayweather Jr and Canelo Alvarez breaks all record of boxing history in pay-per-view sales as per reports 2.2m ppv sales reported on fight day which made it top revenue pay-per-view.
  • The Trilogy fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin become second best fight of the Mexican boxer career where both boxers managed to pull huge crowed and increase the ppv sales to 550k.
Highest Payday for Canelo Alvarez In Boxing?

Canelo Alvarez start earning big money after fighting with undefeated boxer (Floyd Mayweather Jr), according to reports he earned guaranteed purse for the fight $5m and based on potential bonuses after pay-per-view buys report his overall earnings increased maximum $20m for that fight. He is currently richest boxers in the world who earned more than $35m per fight as he hold expensive contract 11 fights deal with DAZN promotion.

He earned guaranteed money of $5m for the fight against Miguel Cotto and later based on ppv buys his earnings reported $10.5m for the fight. Further details regarding to Canelo Alvarez career earnings, purse payouts will be updated after each of his fight. He will be in action against opponent John Ryder in May 2023.