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Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion Purse Payouts | How Much They Earn from PPV Money at The Truth Fight Card?

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Bader Samreen Simion Purse

The Truth, a name which is given to fight pay-per-view card between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. The fight official coverage rights were hold by BT Sports in UK and ESPN+ in United States. The fight previously held in 2021, but due to injury of Tommy Fury he pulled out but now it’s confirmed that it will take place on 26 February 2023, at Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Bader Samreen a boxer from Jordan also hold fight on the same card, he will be fighting opponent Viorel Simion from Romania. Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion purse payouts, win bonus and pay-per-view money details revealed.

BoxersPursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Bader Samreen$50kN/A$75k
Viorel Simion$75kN/A$100k
How Much Bader Samreen Earn from the fight?

Samreen is a pro boxer from Jordan. He is active since 2021. He is undefeated since making debut. The promoters never revealed the purse, however, Samreen will earn guaranteed purse upto $50k for the fight. There will be more about the Bader Samreen purse based on pay-per-view money if awarded.

How Much Viorel Simion Make from boxing purse?

The Romanian professional boxer looking to keep active in the boxing, things did not work for him since 2020-22. He faced defeat back to defeats from opponents. In last seven fights, Simion only win one of them against Maxim Railean while all other he lost. Simion gets a great chance his fight with Samreen is feature in the main-card of (Fury vs Paul) on 26 February 2023.

Complete details about Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion purse based on their performances and promotion deal updated if any of these two receive extra money based on winning bonus and sponsorship.